"Webster University Seminar"
Art for Change - 19th of November 2021

On November 19th 2021 I was invited to give a seminar to the Students of the Webster University of Geneva entitled "Art for change". First of all, extracts from the movie "Due ma non due" that came out this same year were shown to the students and followed a Q&A. I presented myself and proceeded to explain my dynamic of #ArteParaLuchar to the students in which I use art and social media technologies as a means to produce and expose social and political messages.

I explained the methodology that I use in order to make impactful pieces that are pertinent and real time content that can potentially go viral and have an effect on people's thoughts and hearts. After I explained this method, the idea and aim of the seminar was to make them produce their own. I gave some specific actual examples of my work such as the piece I made for Yunior Garcia (a Cuban human rights militant) that became very iconic a few days prior (November the 15th) because of a poignant photography that I redelivered in a painted art form and one of Neomar Lander (a Venezuelan young protester) that became an icon too after he died in protests in Venezuela in 2017. I told the students that they simply should and could look for any subject that they feel important for themselves and to produce their own work. The students came up with a beautiful collective piece that had both their personal takes and interests inserted in a "collage type" piece that became a whole piece too.

This was a very stimulating experience for both the students and myself because I feel useful and happy to share and make a difference in the minds of people, whether is micro or macro (and vice versa) and I also grow from these type of pedagogical activities. Art is a weapon of mass creation (and education too in this case) that allays has and allays will change the world.

This is the conglomerate of #ArteParaLuchar pieces that the students made at the seminar. They took on the task to create an art piece on different social, political and environmental subjects of the times.

Sharing and creating

Teaching, Inspiring and experiencing young people being inspired to create by giving an example is a beautifull feeling.

Gallery of Images of the Seminar

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