"Due ma non due"
Documentary Film 2021

Brief Synopsis:

Two but not two takes place in the mountains of the upper Val d’Agri, in Basilicata. The Volpe family raises podolic cows that graze in the woods and give milk only if they have their calf next to them.

Rodrigo is an artist who is looking for a wall to create a painting that serves to reinforce the identity of that place. Giovanni and Benedetta have a ranch where horses are trained through a relationship based on such respect that animals are now able to transform the vital states of any customer for the better. These are the stories of people united by the awareness of a non-duality between themselves and the environment, between our decision and the place where we live.

Due ma non due is a look into the present from the past, form the other to the own, or is it vice versa? This is what I lived in Basilicata and this piece gave me the opportunity to share an insight into a moment and time where tradition and innovation meet to both benefit and grow thanks to each other.

Due ma non due was a sort of cycle clearing for me. This shared experience with Iacopo, Federica, Paolo, Daniel and Val D'Agri has been one of my most edifying life experiences. I've been living in Basilicata for 8 years now and I have to say that it has been place where it helped me grow internationally and individually as a person and as an artist) "nadie es mesia en su propia tierra" says the saying and in this point of my life, identity is well defined and changing at the same time. All I want to say is that it has been harder to share and to make local people understand certain types of art, communication and cultural enrichment than to expand and receive international recognition for my work.

Before I meet Iacopo and Federica (also when I meet them a few years ago) I was in the middle of a conflict between the innovative propositions and the classical and conservative ways of seeing things and culture. To say it in a simple manner; I was feeling misunderstood and frustrated by the difficulty and pace at which things had to move and prove points before they were accepted and really integrated. They talked to me about this project to make a documentary/movie about and for the promotion of Basilicata through the lends of following the life of a few and significant residents. I had a feeling this was to become something serious and beautiful because all signs and times were aligning. Came 2020 and in the summer of the first year of the pandemic we had the opportunity to records during a hole month and I went all in, I put in my best because I understood they were going to do the same; Due ma non due...    

And so it happened that the recording experience was fluid, improvised in parts yet well supervised and made by Iacopo & Federica who established a very good relation that made it all easier and natural to do. I'm sure that it was the same for the other participants/protagonists of the documentary. All of us became friends for life and everyone gave its best  to come up with a creation that intends to show the soul of Val D'agri and that I believe the result shows it with mastery. Shout outs to Giovanni and Benedetta from D'Arago Ranch and to the Volpe Family with their podolic cows who represent in their own a part that's different from each other yet the same; Due ma non due.

Then came 2021 and a nomination for best documentary/film at the "Visioni dal mondo" Milan Film Festival and a Price from the Venice Film Festival for environmental and social responsibility prefigured a good reaction given what "les gens du métier" thought about it. For me, the movie is beautiful and it gave me the opportunity to go to Milan to meet the people and see their reactions there as well as to see it at Montemurro, Villa D'Agri and Moliterno (where we saw it at the movie theater!) and the reactions of my fellow lucanos was warm and happy about what was made and given to the region. For the time I'm writing this, I just can't wait for the moment that people in Venezuela and the very numerous Venezuelan Diaspora around the world gets to see it, because there's something big there too about roots and identity in an interconnected yet "separated" humanity; Due ma Non Due...