"Yo soy Libertador" 
50x70cm Acrylic on canvas 2017

"Yo soy Libertador" is a piece a made to honor and homage Neomar Lander. Neomar was shot and killed while protesting in Caracas in 2017. He became a symbol and this piece, based on one of his iconic photography became, not just viral in social networks but also an art that set up a standard, an understanding and a shared cultural identity. 

I painted this piece in continuity to "Bravo Pueblo" and years after "Bolivar in a Gas Mask". My style and "identity" laying in the way I paint the subjects and in the particular use of the tricolor band of the Venezuelan flag in the back as background became a standard and underlaying style that defined protest art for Venezuela and more. 

"Yo soy Libertador" #NFT