"Quattre Louise Michel"
55x65cm Acrylic on canvas 2015

Quattre Louise Michel. is a piece I painted in the studio of the Maestro Pino Guarino in Fardella, Basilicata. The stencil is actually his own he permitted me to use. I had already made a piece entitled "Cuatro Crocco" where I experimented with the repetition as and permutations of a same symbol and use of a stencil. The first piece was made recycling a composition I didn't like but took advantage of the parts that worked with the stencil and I did the exact same thing and method in this one.

Louise Michel is also known as "the red virgin" she is a symbol of anarchism and I looked to inherently express in the use of a "measured" chaos of colors the feelings and nuances that make a crazy and abstract composition coherent at the same time.

"Cuatro Crocco" is a sort of sister piece from the same period, style and thought. [ARTICLE]